Running gaiters for r trail running, hiking, ultra running, exploring, or getting dirty.

what are gaiters and how do you wear them?

What in the world are gaiters?

What in the world are gaiters?

What in the world are gaiters?

Gaiters being worn on trails to keep debris from getting into the shoes.

Gaiters are accessories you wear over the tops of your shoes so debris like gravel, sand, twigs, and pokey things don't go into the top of your shoes and ruin your feet.

And I need them because?

What in the world are gaiters?

What in the world are gaiters?

Custom Sand Spur Gaiters to keep out the stickers, sand spurs, and thorns.

You like your feet, right? You like to "not notice" your feet as you wander the Earth, right? Well, you need these because they keep your little piggie toes happy.

Who wears them?

What in the world are gaiters?

Who wears them?

Two runners wearing Wicked Skins Sugar Skull Gaiters in Gray for a trail race.

Hikers, runners, wanderers, fishermen, and many more. 

Anyone who cares for their little piggie toes.

Shoe Prep

Putting on a gaiter

Who wears them?

Looking at the back of shoes to see where velcro should be attached for gaiters


1. Select a nice spot at the back of your shoe down near the tread.

2. Clean off, wipe with alcohol, and let dry.

3. Peel off the Velcro adhesive backing and stick on there.

TIP: I like to attach the Velcro with Gorilla Glue or something like that for a more eternal bond (you know, like student loans). Follow the glue manufacturers directions.

Putting on a gaiter

Putting on a gaiter

Putting on a gaiter

Trail runner putting on a gaiter


1. Put on your sock (optional, your choice really).

2. Pull on gaiter, skinny part first.

3. Put on your shoe and tie the laces (double knot is always good).

4. Attach the gaiter Velcro to the Velcro on your shoe.

5. Hook the pointy part of the gaiter to your laces, as close to your toes as you can.

6. Ta-da! Now get out there!

NOTE: Gaiters should stretch a little to be snug around your  lower leg and shoe.


Putting on a gaiter

Putting on a gaiter

Graphic showing you should measure around your lower leg at 5 inches off the floor for gaiter size

Measure around your lower leg about 5 inches above the floor while barefoot.


  • Under 8 Inches around


  • 8 inches to 10 1/2 inches around


  • Above 10 1/2 inches around
  • NOTE: Large are good for fitting over bulky hiking boots.

NOTE: These babies stretch really well and are highly durable.  Most people are a size MEDIUM. Better snug as a bug, than loose like a goose. (We have no idea why geese are considered promiscuous.) 

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