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Custom Shirts and Patterns

Personalized Items


Tackling something epic and want to commemorate it?


Maybe some matching team stuff so you and your buddies look wicked awesome?

Or just want your name on your chest so crowds can cheer you into the finish?

Make your Instagram pictures look really, REALLY good. Yeah, we said that.


Company Logos


Team building event coming up and shirts would look awesome? 

Or maybe your employees could use some arm sleeves or buffs to keep the sun off them?

We can design some badass CUSTOM company apparel just for you.

Get your company logo OUT THERE!

We Work With You To Design Your Pattern

Graphic sowing conversation between client and Wicked Skins concerning custom work

What is the name of your team? 

Let's start there. 

Now add colors, fonts, funny drawings and voila! We can even do corporate logos! 

Contact us to go over design ideas, pricing and timelines.

Design and set up starting at just $15.




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